1930s Frames For Sale

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*** 1930s Carlton Flyer. This is a beautiful and quite rare frame that I know I'll regret selling. You have to be able to see beyond the awful power coated paint finish that's on it just now, though. The original Flyer lugs are my favourites - look at the fork crown! - being interesting and stylish without crossing the good taste threshold into vulgarity - are you listening Hetchins? :-) .

Pre-war Flyer lugs - waiting for your beneath the black powder coat...

This frame is in sound condition but the eagle-eyed will notice that the rear offside seat stay has been replaced following an accident when in the hands of a previous owner. It's been done very well and isn't really noticeable. Re-painted, this frame would look quite stunning. £110


The Planet Puma - what a name!

*** 1930s JT Rogers Planet Puma. Fully restored and absolutely beautiful. This is a very uncommon bike. An internet search will produce very little in the way of useful information. I can't really say an awful lot about this frame other than that it very well made and looks quite outstanding. It's hardly been ridden since being restored but has picked up a few marks here and there being moved from one spot to another in the garage. It still looks marvellous, though.

It's quite difficult unearthing 1930s parts so it's not period correct but, rather, done up with lovely-looking parts that are a great match - kind of like getting just the right shoes to go with that bag. Of particular interest are the anodised Harden hubs (mated to 700C rims). Unlike a couple of other companies, notably British Hub with their Airlites, I'm not aware that Harden ever anodised their hubs so I'm fairly sure these were done at some point after they left the factory. One has faded slightly so they're not a perfect colour match but I think they look great. They complement the GB anodised brake and lever.

The chain set is high quality and in very nice condition but it has no maker's name on it that I can find. Looks like a double-fluted Chater Lea item but I can't say who made it. Please ignore the tyres and handlebar tape. They were just added for the sake of the photographs - maybe I should have left them off! The pics should be self explanatory but if you need ay further info, please ping an email my way. £550. Frame now SOLD.


*** Mid-late 1930s JagroseSeat tube 51cm (20.1") c-t, top tube 58cm (22") c-c, 103cm (41.3") wheelbase. Grose was a big cycling concern based in Euston Road in London. Jagrose was the name they applied to bicycles specially made for them by top manufacturers. This very rare boy's bike is pre-war and is calling out for someone to give it some TLC and let a youngster loose on it. I bought this with the aim of doing it up for my daughter but by the time she was tall enough to ride it she didn't fancy being seen on a vintage boy's bike for some reason. :-)  £90. FRAME NOW SOLD


*** 1930s Armstrong Moth tandem. Comes with original headset and bottom bracket. The finish is original but is obviously in quite a bad way so a refinish will be necessary - unless it matches your hair shirt.

The problem with this frame is that it is damned heavy so postage anywhere will be quite high. The Moth was a very well made bike and, like a wayward teenager, this one deserves another chance in a good home. The price is just £50 and I'm happy to get an accurate shipping quote if you're interested.

Here's a 1935 advert to whet your appetite. You know you want it!  £50!