William Kilpatrick (Kilp)

William Kilp

Bridgeton Cross, Glasgow

This is a new one on me! I've spoken to quite a few Glasgow cyclists over the years but have never heard mention of the Kilp marque. However, John Leonard sent me the following email which sheds some light on yet another Scottish lightweight frame builder:

"I just discovered your web page. I was a member of the Glasgow section of St Christophers cycling club in the 1950’s and 1960’s. My track racing bike, which I used for time trials at that time, was a ‘Kilp’ lightweight racing bike. It was made to measure and was bought from William Kilp’s cycle shop at Bridgeton Cross in Glasgow.

"It was made with Reynolds 531 tubing. The cost of the bike when I bought it in 1961 was £100. I am sorry I don’t know when Kilp Cycles went out of business.

"Kilp bikes were quite popular with Glasgow racing cyclists at that time though not as popular as the ‘Flying Scot’. Incidentally, I also owned a Flying Scot road bike at that time which I used for ‘mass start’ races and touring. I hope this might be of some use for your project."

Here are the only pics I have to a Kilp bike:

If anyone can provide some more information about Kilp bikes or a photograph, please email me at brucerobbins@hotmail.co.uk

From Jim Hay:

"William Kilp. I'm not certain if this was his trade name, but his actual name was Willie Kilpatrick and his business was in London Road, Bridgeton. I believe Willie was a founder member of the Euan Mara C.C. (Spelling may not be accurate) and this was the club most associated with the shop and Willie.

I'm not certain when Willie ceased trading in his bike shop, sometime in the 1970s, I would suggest. After this he had, for many years, a stall in "The Barras" in Glasgow where he bought and sold stamps, watches etc."