D.W. Lindsay

DW Lindsay

Victoria Road, Dundee

Of the three Dundee framebuilders on this website who are known to have built lightweights, DW Lindsay would appear to have been the most prolific based on the number of his bikes that I know about. He seems to have been in direct competition with Charlie Gibb, not just in their products but also in their proximity.

He was based in Victoria Road just a short hop from Gibb's premises in Victoria Street. Dave Lindsay built the frames which carried his name and his brother, Chic, was behind the counter in the shop.

They opened for business in 1928/29 and were still going in 1973. I haven't yet found out when the shop closed but it must have been around this time. In the later years of the business, it's believed that Dave's nephew ran it.

The brothers were very popular amongst club cyclists who appreciated their helpful attitude and the fact that nothing seemed too much bother for them.

The shop was very well stocked during its peak years and it was possible to buy all the nuts, bolts and clips that bike shops just don't carry today, along with the fancy parts that had local cyclists drooling and unable to tear themselves away from the premises.

The bike featured on this page came from the local dump. It's not exactly a lightweight but it's not a roadster either. I think it falls into the category of sports tourer. I could upgrade it easily enough through the use of more alloy components or might just leave it as it is. It's a restoration project for the future.

A while back I picked up a D. W. Lindsay from the 1950s that was a nice-looking frame. It's since found a new home but here are some pics of it: