1930s Hubs, Rims for Sale

Perry Three Speed tandem hub brakes.

The Perry Three Speed was made under licence by Sturmey Archer from a patent granted in 1930 so these hubs are suitable for vintage tandems from that date onwards. They're a substantial piece of British engineering and even now, 80-plus years on, they are still spinning smoothly.

They are in excellent condition considering their age. Originally finished in black enamel, they are still useable as they are but it would be an easy matter to give them a light rub down and another coat of enamel. There is a little rust but it's mostly just light, surface corrosion.

Although quite heavy, when you consider that they provide the turning, going and stopping power they're not so bad after all! Comes with an 18-tooth sprocket. A lovely item and a very rare find.


Sturmey Archer K7 three-speed hub from 1937

The forerunner to the ubiquitous AW and with identical ratios of 133.3, 100, 75. The K series can be easily dated by the digit that follows the "K" on the hub shell. This one is a K7 and is therefore perfect for a 1937 restoration.

The hub is in good condition and comes with a good 18-tooth sprocket and quick adjusters for use with frames with rearward-facing dropouts. Some of the chrome has worn through but the hub has a lovely sheen. Perfect for a "with patina" restoration!