1950s Frames For Sale

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*** 1950s D W Lindsay. If you live in any one of the towns around the world named Dundee and have always wanted a bike built in Dundee, then this is your best bet! I'm not aware that there were any framebuilders in any of the 13 Dundees in the USA, the ones in New Brunswick or New South Wales, the South African Dundee or even Dundee Island on Antartica. The owner of this bike will be able to boast that he has a genuine Dundee-made frame - and there aren't many people who can say that - even in the original Dundee in Scotland where it was made.

I'm pretty sure this is a 1950s Lindsay although I think it has been refinished at some point in the past. The paintwork isn't perfect but it's still very presentable. Cleaned and polished, this frame will look very, very nice and is a nice talking-point in the way that, say, a Claud Butler or Rotrax, isn't.  £175
Frame now SOLD.