Hobbs of Barbican was one of the most sought after and highly respected of the many lightweight racing bikes that existed in the middle of the last century. The marque remains popular with collectors today although there is little information about the company and its fine products on the Internet.

This website, which will hopefully grow as more information becomes available, is an attempt to plug that gap. When I first started it, there was virtually nothing on the internet about the Hobbs marque. Since then, the superb Classic Lightweights website has put together an excellent page on Hobbs - along with most other British cycle makers. The whole site is a must-see for vintage bike enthusiasts.

The information you'll find on this page is offered in good faith but corrections, suggestions and recollections from owners and ex-Hobbs employees are very welcome - as are photographs and literature relating to one of the greatest names in bicycle history. If you have anything you can contribute I would love to see it. Please email me.