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1948 BARN FIND HOBBS (see here for story)

1936 'Continental'

1938 'Special Tandem'

1946 'Blue Riband'

1947 'Raceweight'

The Raceweight was the best of the non-specialist Hobbs frames. While handpicked framebuilders worked away on the Blue Riband and Superbe, the best of the rest produced these fine frames.

This model is a 24-inch, 1947 Raceweight still with its original and very elaborate paintwork. The fork crown chrome plating may be peeling but much of the swirly box lining has survived.

Frames of this age that have not been repainted are something of a rarity, especially in the salt-laden winters of the UK. This one has either seen little use or has been very carefully looked after.

(Thanks to Hilary Stone for the pictures and info)

1950 'Blue Riband'

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